Chevron Original Factory Cleated ‘ V & Y ’ Profile Conveyor Belts
Grade: N – 17
Grade: M24
Grade: S A R – 90 MM³
Heat Resistant – T1
Superior Heat Resistant – T²
Ultra Heat Resistant - T³
Fire Retardant: {F.R.A.S}
Food Grade Conveyor Belt
Chemical Resistant Conveyor Belts
Cold Resistant Conveyor Belt
Endless Conveyor Belt
Pipe Conveyor Belts
Steel Mesh Cord Conveyor Belt
Sealing Belt
Filtration Belt
Cotton, Polyester Contton Conveyor
Flat Rubber Belt
Rubber Dam
Rubber Oil Containment Booms
Corrugated Side Wall Belts
Chevron Belts
Steel Cord Belts
Solid Woven Conveyor Belt
Rubber Sheet
We in consistence technically design, manufacture, export Chevron Grade Conveyor Belts. Our Manufactured Chevron Rubber Cleated Conveyor Belts are "Factory Integrally Moulded". This means that an Un-cured Cleat Or Profile was cured itself in the Heavy Hydraulic Press with an Un-cured Virgin Green Belt Carcass, to form a One Piece "Integrally Molded Belt Construction”. We design, manufacture and supply various Conveyor Belt Widths with ‘V’ & ‘C’ Cleat Profiles with Carcass Base in C/C, N/N & E/P Fabrics. Dimension of Rubber Cleats Heights available are 12 mm to 25 mm, with brand names: ‘V- con/Bull flex’ Premium Quality. Chevron Conveyor Belts can be offered in Grades of: ‘M24, H R, S H R, U H R, F R & HYGIENIC {Food & Drugs Association} Approved Grades.

  1. Low running maintenance cost.
  2. Bulk Material Conveying Capacity even at 45 degrees Angle, Anti-Skid for Loose Conveyed materials, and it can avoid spilling of loose material effectively.
  3. The belt can facilitate switching from horizontal to inclined conveying and from inclined to horizontal conveying.
  4. It saves a lot space as it allows material conveying at 0 Degree - 90 Degrees.

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