S H R – T² {180 deg C} Conveyor Belts
Grade: N – 17
Grade: M24
Grade: S A R – 90 MM³
Heat Resistant – T1
Superior Heat Resistant – T²
Ultra Heat Resistant - T³
Fire Retardant: {F.R.A.S}
Food Grade Conveyor Belt
Chemical Resistant Conveyor Belts
Cold Resistant Conveyor Belt
Endless Conveyor Belt
Pipe Conveyor Belts
Steel Mesh Cord Conveyor Belt
Sealing Belt
Filtration Belt
Cotton, Polyester Contton Conveyor
Flat Rubber Belt
Rubber Dam
Rubber Oil Containment Booms
Corrugated Side Wall Belts
Chevron Belts
Steel Cord Belts
Solid Woven Conveyor Belt
Rubber Sheet
We are specialized in designing, manufacturing and catering ‘V - con/Bull flex’ - S H R – T2 Grade Conveyor Belts for our most desirable clients for their Bulk Handling Materials in Open Cast Mining Sectors & Handling Plants. These belts are offered in Heavy Duty / Extra Heavy Duties for Limestone Alums, Steel & Alloy Plants, Electrotherm Companies for their Induction Furnaces and Electric Arc Furnaces manufacturing of Tor Steel TMT Bars, M S Ingots, Alloys Steel Ingots, Refractories Companies for manufacturing Super Dense High Alumina Bricks, Dense Fireclay Bricks, Thermal Insulation Bricks etc. These belts can withstand temperatures up to 180° C. The Carrying Side & Bottom Rubber Covers are made from S B R + Viton Rubber Chemical Compounds to with stand the desired material varying nature and temperatures while in workmanship. These belts are recommended for Medium / Heavy and Extra Heavy Duties and totally confirm to IS: 1891 (Part –I I) 1993 latest amended.
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