Filtration Belt
Grade: N – 17
Grade: M24
Grade: S A R – 90 MM³
Heat Resistant – T1
Superior Heat Resistant – T²
Ultra Heat Resistant - T³
Fire Retardant: {F.R.A.S}
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We have designed and produced high quality filter belt for customers of both domestic and overseas market. We have to filter belt production line whose maxinmun widthcan reach to 4.5 Mtrs, the belt capacity is 500 square meters at most. 


Our filtration conveyor belt is applicable for solid—liquid separation in such industries as petorleum, chemistry, medicine, dyes, foodstuff, metallurgy, mine extraction and electricity generation. It can also be use in the treatment of industrial and civilian waste water such as dehydration of phosphoric acid, kali, potassium sulfate, alumina, citric acid and barium sulfate, as well as desulfurization in power stations.

The filtration conveyor belt can filter, wash, sorb, filtration and fabric rebirth continuously, and have the advantage of high filtration rate, high production capability, low washiness of filter cake and so on while operating easily.